About Us

 Welcome to my Vintage Style Tea Length Wedding Dresses&Rockabilly Dresses shop!

I am a professional dressmaker! I enjoy custom orders : )
My English name is Amy but my Chinese name is Yin Lin  and im 31 years old.

Im working in our Sewing Shop together with my cousin and my husband.
My cousins English name is Nina and her Chinese name is Yin Liu and she is 33 years old.

We are 2 cousins and my mother and my cousins mother are sisters.
Our mothers also are good tailors - this is our family work for many many years and we studied tailoring from their skills and their experience.

My mom is 59 years old and she is a dressmaker with 39 year experience on being a dressmaker.
My and Nina's skills combine together perfectly to make dresses and we are working on Chinese customer custom made Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses Vintage style.

1. Me - For the shop I am taking a major part in wedding and bridesmaid dress design,  fabric material sourcing, purchasing and i am also one of the dressmaker. I deal with customer orders and Customer correspondent and I run my shop and create listings.

2. Liu Yin (Nina) - For the shop she is a key person on beading and embroidery of wedding dresses, patterning, cutting, she is good in dressmaking and also a good dressmaker.

3. Wang Jun (Jimmy, my husband) - My husband occasionally helps us out where he can in practical ways like on production duty, production management and Sewing Shop management, he helps me deal with customer orders and Customer correspondent, he is good on computer things and Photoshop (all pictures of dresses are made by him), he works with the photographer and he helps me to run my shop.