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  1. For a wedding, You need to go smooth all different kind of things is a challenge. But as long as you have the right attitude, you can be ready for and wardrobe malfunctions are among them.

    From modern bridesmaid dresses to 1950 bridesmaid dresses, where there is fabric, threads and buttons, something is bound to happen, which is why most brides have an emergency kit with some white thread and needle just in case. As much as any bride or maid of honor would be happy about that, if the 50s bridesmaid dress or the wedding dress has a form that needs to be filled, having not enough body to fill it with can be a problem. For a quick fix turn to padded pus up bra that will help you fill out the corset or option for a wide tie in the wedding color tied at waist to gather the loose fabric, You will find that the guests would get impressed with the theme of your wedding.

    A 1950s bridesmaid dress can be given a vintage impression with contrast colored tea length petticoat at the waist and pearls jewelry. As with many of the  vintage styles, tea length 1950 bridesmaid dresses look the best. If your bridesmaids do not already own pearls, a tin hair clips would make great bridesmaid gifts.

  2. Today’s role is not either an movie star, also not an singer, it is about an ordinary girl. This stunning 1950’s bride get married when she was just 18 years old in the February of 1951.  She and her finance got married in her home town of Newberry, South Carolina, USA, where she leave her life, where she raise up her children.

    This bride wear a classic satin vintage lace dress with an off the shoulder, “scarf” collar and deep lace insert. The beautiful dress was adorned by a central line of tiny satin covered buttons, which were also used on the fitted, full-length sleeves. Like many fashionable fifties wedding gowns, the sleeves finished with a “v” point a the cuff.

    The bride's head piece  is a striking plaited tulle head piece veil, from which her waist-length veil fell in loose gathers. Tulle was also used in her gorgeously simple bouquet of five large carnations.

    She and her husband get married for almost 60 years, this stunning bride became a stunning mother of three boys. She became her boys’ Cub Scout den mother (Cub Scout leader in the UK) and her boys all attained the highest level in scouting. Two of her grandchildren are now young pilots in the US military – one flying F-15 Eagles for the Air Force and the other flying Apache helicopters for the Army.

  3. One of the most popular wedding dresses for Spring and Summer is 1950s wedding dress .

    An tea length vintage 1950 wedding dressused to be handed down from generation to generation. In a way, you can consider the wedding garb passed from bride to bride as "vintage".Nowadays, it's not usually for you to find Hollywood A-listers wearing vintage 1950s wedding gowns during wedding events. It seems as if the "old" has just made a timely and amazingly successful comeback fit to eclipse the "new".

    An vintage 1950s tea length wedding dress provides many advantages over a long one. Besides being elegant and eye-catching, such a dress would give you much more comfort than a long one as it has a much lesser weight. It would be the best fit for a variety of wedding locations such as a beach or a garden. Moreover, you will find that you would have to spend much lesser money on it as compared to that on a long dress. While choosing a  1950’s dress, you must ensure that it goes well along with your body type, otherwise it might look odd.

    1950s Wedding Dress is best for a informal wedding, it have been classic for a long time. It is quite possible that you would like to show off your wedding shoes. 

    1950s wedding dress

  4. A perfect wedding gown will be a keepsake that will be treasured by you for years to come.Short wedding gown are many brides choice for an outdoor wedding.Then how to measure for a custom short wedding dress?

     How do you take your measurements? We recommend you have the professional seamstress who will alter your gown take your measurements for you.Donoy attempt to take your own measurements ,that will most likely be wrong. If this meeting is in person, your measurements will be taken.

    For an short wedding dress, it is so easy to measure, you only need to provide 4 measurements:

    Bust: If you haven't got your wedding lingerie yet wear a bra and panties that are similar to the style you will wear. Your bust should be measured at the fullest part while you stand straight with your arms at your sides.

    WAIST:Tie a string lightly around your waist it will naturally settle at your waistline. Measure your waist where the string sits.

    HIP:Measure 8-10″ below the waist to find the fullest hip. Measure the fullest part of the hip, keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor.

    LENGTH:Dress length is taken from the knob at the back of the neck to the bottom of the hem you request. Back length is from the knob at the back of your neck to the string around your waist. Skirt lengths without waistbands are taken from natural waist at the centre back to the bottom of the hem. Skirt lengths with waistbands are taken from the centre back, starting at the bottom of the waistband to the bottom of the hem.


  5. Not everyone likes the more modern and high fashion trends that adorn the clothes rails in our high street stores - items that are new and innovative from the latest designers. Many people prefer to choose a dress in a more reflective way, with ladies preferring a classic, trend-neutral, 50’s style dressover an expensive fad-following garment.

    There are some stores that specialize in 1950’s style dresses. They may stock original items as well as dresses and clothes that are new, yet have a more vintage style to them. They will recreate those timeless classics with retro fabrics using retro designs, which when finished look like a vintage style dress from the 1930s, 40s, 50s or 60s.

    A mature style in the 50's is called the housewife. This style is a dress that has buttons on the torso and the skirt is filled out with crinoline. There is usually a belt separating the torso section from the skirt. The accessories to this style are a pearl necklace and an apron.

    Another style is known as the waitress style. This style has a fit, but not tight, dress that is made with a bright pastel color. The accessories would be a simple apron and hat with the hair up o

    There are many different types of 50’s style dresses to choose from, which is not surprising as it was a decade of stylish outfits, many of which have never really gone out of fashion.

    50s style vintage dress

  6. Share with you some trendy Tea Length Wedding Dresses:

    1.first dressvintage lace tea length wedding dress

     full skirt of net and machine embroidered lace, with a bold scalloped edge high neck. The same lace was used in her fitted short-sleeved bodice.her sleeves and skirt use the scalloped lace edging to beautiful effect.

    2. this tea length, puffy dress. Always a hit. AND gives you a chance to show off your super cute shoes.round neck tea length wedding dress

  7. Vintage style that gives a classic traditional look has attracted more and more brides,Along with the 1950's influence, comes the 1950’s inspired tea length wedding dress.This dress looks great with a few accessories. Something like pearls necklace or a bow or even a belt works very nicely with this dress. The skirt also falls just belowthe knee, giving you the chance to show off skinny legs!

    Two of the most popular women in the 1950s that are icons of beauty and fashion are Jacqueline Kennedy and Grace Kelly. You can copy their sophisticated styles in the wedding dresses that they have worn during the most memorable event in their lives. The kind of dress that you wear during your wedding day reflects what kind of a woman you are. So, you have to be sensitive and careful in selecting the type of vintage dresses that you will wear when you walk down the island.

    1950's style wedding dresses price range start from$99-$1999.If you wish to have one that is custom made, prices typically range from $ 600 to over $ 1500. But, of course, there are always several ways available to find cheap alternatives, such as online shopping. Some of the factors affecting the price would be , the designer and also when during the year you decide to pick up your tea length wedding gown.

    Take these gorgeous vintage trends into consideration when searching for the perfect wedding gown. An fashionable vintage inspired 1950’s wedding dress will make you look like icons of beauty.

    50s tea length wedding dress

  8. Evert bride want everything perfect in her wedding include an beautiful wedding color. The wedding color is very important, because the flowers which will be used at the wedding are greatly affected by wedding color.So it is critical to select colors that complement the bride's skin tone and hair colors. Everyone knows that generally red-heads should avoid wearing pink. By choosing colors that complement a bride, rather than detract, she will look more beautiful and radiant.

    It is very helpful to use a color wheel when you're choosing a color scheme so surf the Internet and search for "color wheel for weddings" and you'll find a lot of related items.

    White is always appropriate at any time of the year and combined with a favorite color is quite a lovely way to express yourself.

    Red will be the color popular in 2014, Shades of red such as mauve and burgundy are colors will get brides attention, so if you want to leave a good impression to your guests, then it is a good color to go with. Add a red ribbon or red wedding shoes to your wedding dress  and make your dress pop. Wedding dresses that accent your curves will also add depth to this color and make your wedding day a most memorable one.

    It is risk to pick the best color for your wedding day, A wedding is a big event that will only happen once, so it's best to take your time choosing the best color for your theme.

  9. 50s bridesmaid dresses are giving an totally different idea to be reminded old times.If you are the couple want to keep simple and stylish, you should consider 50s bridesmaid dresses,you just to do a few changes to get a bit moden.Designers nowadays are paying more attention to modern styles. In fact, 50s bridesmaid dresses no need to be always pink or blue.

    Dresses for the bridesmaids have also become more affordable due mostly to the bride-to-be. Twenty or thirty years ago, she was expected to select the dress. Only on rare occasions did she delegate the responsibility to her maid of honor. But as weddings costs increases, many brides-to-be started feeling guilty about forcing their friends to buy dresses they would only wear once.

    The dress does not have to be in the same shade as the 50s bridesmaid dress. The bridesmaids are no matter wearing different colors ,but If the bridesmaids wear subtle pink or soft pastels, the bride may choose ivory or white for that contrast effect. Since ivory looks lovely with a lighter shade.

    Finding vintage 50’s style bridesmaid dress can be more fun than finding any other types of modern dresses. 1950’s clothing includes fashions from the past and each of them has their own unique styles. If you manage to find your perfect vintage 50s bridesmaid dresses. You can try your best to be the bridesmaid, making the bride feel warmer and happiness in the wedding.

    50s bridesmaid dress

  10. If you are the bride want a vintage look, but simple and gorgeous wedding dress, then consider looking for tea length wedding dresses that styles and designs can make your beauty stand out. 

    You can find numerous vintage tea length wedding dresses on different channels and it's relatively important also to find out the one which can raise your focus and your awareness when it comes to finding the best wedding dress that will be able to help you look beautiful on your wedding day.

    Tea length bridal dresses are differeent from a shorter version of a strapless style that has been prevalent in the bridal industry in the past few years to a softer, flowing. Tea length wedding dresses have many features that make them more practical to wear than full length dresses.

    Tea length wedding dresses are cost well as they are less expensive than full length wedding gowns. You can find a wonderful tea length dress that makes your special day memorable even if you are on a tight budget. Many brides choose this type of dress also because of its ability to flaunt legs and show their beautiful wedding shoes.

    tea length wedding dress