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  1. Every bride wants to show her elegance and to beauty by wearing an attractive wedding dress. will satisfy every bride to be .Because your satisfaction is our goal, we offer customers a delicate selection of short wedding dresses .Don’t be hesitate by thinking too much about this day, just live your joy and let your beauty in its hands! With the design of its professional dressmakers, we have provided you with new wedding dresses. Our dressmakers have devoted their time to provide you with high quality and chic design. So as to make tea length wedding dress can fit your body shape, skin and hair style. It has chic, refreshing, sensual and attractive wedding dresses .With its very recent fashion; your fame will reach its apex because your wedding dress is coming from us…we provides you with dresses of latest fashion and of high quality at affordable prices. As a bride, this is the only opportunity for you to prove your elegance.

    Our high quality dresses is accompanied with affordable prices. Here professional customer service will be provided for you. The customer service is intended to answer your questions, handle your purchase and help you to select your adequate dress. The wedding dress is of importance because you will be the center of the party.

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  2. Tea length wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular. Best tea length Wedding Dresses tips will allow you to buy the ultimate dress. These hints will help you find the type of dress you need.

    Do not forget to check out the latest collections brought by top designers. Brides can wear accessories with their dress to enhance their beauty. Wearing garlands or necklaces can just make you look fabulous. One can also go for sashes to accessorize their wedding wardrobe.

    There are many styles of dresses like those with sleeves or tea length wedding gowns with halters and stylish straps. The tea length short wedding dress suits almost all shapes and sizes. One can look eye catching gorgeous by choosing tea length wedding dresses that show your skinny legs.

    Tea length wedding dresses come in all price ranges, you can get them from as little as $99 dollars to as expensive as $1999. Some of the factors affecting the price would be , the designer and also when during the year you decide to pick up your tea length wedding gown.

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    Tea length wedding dresses are trendy and will make you feel beautiful. Make it happen for you!

  3. Let us Imagine you and your groom walking down the meadow in the timeless 50’s style lace wedding dress .with an colorful petticoat underneath the skirt. and a white birdcage veil that accentuates your perfect hair. Is is an nice idea?

    Well the first thing you should consider is the vintage inspired short wedding dress since you choosing an vintage theme wedding. There could all be choices like that 1950’s style lace wedding dresses are truly a timeless which never goes out of style when it comes to weddings.

    50s style lace wedding dress

    An absolutely 50’s style vintage wedding dress will either be second hand or custom made. With some accessories such as pearls and birdcage veil you can totally make the dress classic. In the market you will come across so many types of 50s wedding dresses which have lace detailing on them. It does not matter what color lace you pick, it will still give a very traditional and modern feel at the same time.

    When purchasing your vintage inspired short wedding dress, you can choose the best and expensive wedding dresses from top designers like dolly couture. But not all of us can afford that. However, there are also other options like buying a 50’s style lace wedding dress online at a fraction of price but at the same quality level. Why care so much brand and designer? You just need to look beautiful.

  4.  An vintage 1950’s wedding dress is an incredible choice for a unique wedding gown. But there are also some practical reasons why 'something old' is the choice for an increasing number of new brides. Read on to find out how to source a 1950's style wedding dress and what you need to think about before you buy.

    First, you need always be careful when you are looking at 50s wedding dresses, and be sure to examine them very closely. You need to avoid 50s wedding dresses that are missing lacing strapes that can’t be bought,or obvious stains.  You need to look for 1950s wedding dresses that have been lovingly cared for during the years.

    1950s inspired wedding dressesnot only have a timeless elegance and grace that other wedding gowns can't match, but they show off an extraordinary craftsmanship and detailing that many of the wedding dresses today just can't compare with. So if you're just looking for a wedding dress that is not your usual wedding dress, or one that goes great with an older times wedding theme, vintage wedding dresses may be just what you're looking for.

    If you have any questions, owner of and specializing in finding the best wedding tips and advice you need to make your wedding one of a kind on any budget.

  5. Are you an plus size girl wanting to make a style statement on your wedding day with a wedding dress that is different from what every other bride will be wearing?  Then we suggest an plus size 50s style wedding dress maybe your best choice. Consider an plus size 50s style wedding dress before ordering:

    1.Finding an shop which can custom made 50s wedding dresses in plus size, after all almost no happen an stand size dress is available. You would better choose an 50s wedding dress lacing up closure, as lacing up back can adjust a little, rarely need alteration when received.

    2..Know your silhouette. The design that best flatters you will depend on your silhouette and shape. Most designers and boutiques will offer a style assessment service. If at all possible try not to get distracted by current trends but rather focus on shapes and styles that are flattering to you. Know your body’s shape. Understanding your body’s shape will make it easier to choose the perfect plus size wedding gown that shows off your best features. 

    3.Take your parents or your friend with you who is objective and can help you pick out the perfect plus size 50s style wedding gown!

    1950s style wedding dresses show off an extraordinary craftsmanship and detailing that many of the brides wear today just can’t compare with. looking for a 1950s wedding dress that is out of the ordinary,no matter you are regular size or plus size.


  6. Are you wanting to make a style statement on your wedding day with a wedding dress that is different from what every other bride will be wearing? Have you considered looking at 1950’s style wedding dresses

    1950’s style wedding dresses are always in style with with an elegance and grace that many of the newer style wedding dresses just don't have.

    After the war, skirts became fuller to celebrate the fact that fabric was no longer rationed. Characterized by a nipped waist, ballerina skirt and pointed bosom, wedding gowns were modeled after Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday and Grace Kelly when she married Prince Ranier of Monaco in 1956. As French and Belgian emerged, brides began requesting more of it in their 50’s style wedding dresses.

    An 1950’s style wedding gown are a timeless treasure . A bride can be sure that her wedding album will portray a romanticism that transcends time. For this reason, vintage wedding gowns make great heirlooms that a bride can pass down to her daughter.

    Overall,there are many reasons why brides choose a 1950’s style wedding dress


  7. "Roman Holiday" tells the romantic love story which happened between a European princess and a U.S. reporter in Rome, Italy occurred within one day. Audrey Hepburn also won one of the most important awards in her life: best actress in Oscar. When Audrey Hepburn got the prize for best actress on Oscar she wore a vintage lace dress, now this dress’s value was estimated to worth 400,000 to 600,000 pounds. This auction was sponsored by Kerry Taylor, the company had sold Kate Princess’s tulle skirt which wore on her 2002 university fashion show.

    "This lace dress is very memorable, not only because of Audrey Hepburn wore this lace dress in the film" Roman Holiday", but also because Hepburn wore it won Oscar". Auction organizer Kerry Taylor said, "As far as I know, on Oscar history this is rare. This demure white dress heightened Hepburn’s slim body style & elegance.

    audrey hepburn lace dress vintage 50s wedding dress

    "People dream of owning a large swimming pool, but I dream of having a big closet." Audrey – Hepburn said her choice of clothing. Until now "Hepburn style" is still the object of imitation that is chased by women. Nowadays many designers’ clothing series, these models will still be named Audrey style --- As those brands wish Audrey Hepburn’s elegant, simple, generous style can give their design a classic beauty image & beyond the current fashion.

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  8. Anyone fascinated by 50s style wedding dress? If you’re hoping for 50s style on a budget, then there are a few key pieces you’ll want to snap up that will hopefully work with other items in your vintage wedding.

    Finding an 1950s style wedding gown on a small budget keep in mind that only basic expense for a wedding is the marriage license. Anything further than that is what you choose to spend.

    The vintage wedding dress is expensive  in boutiques that means you can turn to online 50s style wedding dresses site. Make sure you comparison different online shop to find who can supply a good quality and beautiful for a low cost, but don't forget that with too low price means bad quality.

    When you get your wedding dress from your 50s style wedding dress online site. it's time to make sure it fits. Very rarely will the dress you had custom made in your exact size fit the first time you try it on. So you need to confirm with the online shop store if they provide altering service before ordering. Make suire Leave enough time for tailoring your 1950’s style wedding gown. It will much cheaper than altering at local.

    Above are a list of buying tips to help you find a stylish 50s wedding dress at an affordable price but still get the look you want. 


  9. Color can be used in so many ways for weddings. From an accent color to the main color theme used in everything from the bridal party dresses to the table cloths and napkins at the reception. It is up to you how much color, or how little color, you want.

    If you planned an 1950s vintage theme wedding,  the color scheme for the wedding is quite important to settle on. The first thing you need to keep in mind is your 50s bridesmaid dresses should  use the same color to the color scheme.  But the color of the 50s wedding dress is not  seems so important, but you need to match the color with the bride's skin. The blue color and purple color are not suitable for Asian skins, but yellow and green coordinate with Asian skins. As for the white skin with red or the tanned skin of the bride, it is more beautiful to wear the ivory  or  white 1950s wedding dress. However, country or region will support different dresses like China would select red one as their tradition. Pink 50s wedding dresses can give you natural look with crystal white skin. This category will need deep shade. It suits you. Alternatively, take everyone attraction, purple color suit you. Deep blue also makes beauty. Yellow color is not good for a bride. If you want, you will put gowns with this color.

    Your dress should be something spectacular and unusual. However,you should find 50s style wedding dresses with clean lines, without much decoration, in pure colors and drapes well. 

    1950s wedding dress

  10. What inspires me and my style? I thought I’d share some of ideads  that I find when looking for ideas or maybe just to fire my creative thinking. I’ve read a lot of books and magazines on the inner artist and releasing the muse. Here are a few simple ideas to give your big day some old-fashioned flair.

    1. Get an perfect vintage style gown. For those of us not blessed with the perfect hand-me-down, we would like to say that consider other ways to honor the past. If a wedding dress has sentimental value, but it's too delicate to make it down the aisle, you have other options.

    2.Wedding Invitations. For your invitation, vintage fonts give guests a hint of what's to come. And for your centerpieces, wrap boxes with pages from old books to hide water-filled plastic cups

    .vintage wedding theme

    3. RETRO THEMED WEDDING VENUE. Make your retro theme really stand out against the rest when you host it at a retro venue like a '50s styled restaurant or a vintage theater. I love retro restaurants that have soda fountains, a jukebox, and colorful vinyl chairs and booths. What a fun photo shoot it would be to have your wedding picture taken with the waitress who is riding around on old-fashion roller skates and wearing a poodle skirt!

    Overall the one thing we need to keep in mind is make everything simple. When it comes to vintage wedding decor, less is more. Muted colors, scores of candles and greenery, and maybe a glittery chandelier or two are really all you need to create a romantic atmosphere that harkens back to simpler times. If you can't resist a little kitsch, arrange antique knickknacks, like salt and pepper shakers or perfume bottles, on tables for a quirky-but-charming touch.