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  1. How to find the best petticoat for bridal gowns?

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    Petticoats are the garment worn underneath the wedding dress or the skirt. There are a lot of options that brides can choose from. Bridal petticoats are made of fabrics matching the color of the dress. In this case, most of them are white. A bridal petticoat is made with many layers of material and ruffles, so it gives your dress the suitable shape. Then how to find the perfect petticoats for bridal gowns?

    First: Be sure your wedding dress need an petticoat or not. If your bridal gown need an petticoat, please make a decision whether loops or no loops need. Normally no loops for a short bridal gown, but need 3 loops for an ball gown wedding dress.

    Second:Color, This is an important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a petticoat. If you only want to hide your lingerie and undergarments you should choose a color that matches your dress. If not, and you want to make an appearance to remember, you can choose a contrasting colored petticoat.

    Third: Find a petticoat with a fabric that you're comfortable with.If you're uncomfortable with sheer or net-like fabrics, then find a petticoat with a smoother texture. There's nothing quite as distasteful as scratching away at your petticoat-covered legs during the entire reception simply because your petticoat fabric is itchy. Maintain your composure and poise with the right petticoat fabric.

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  2. Choose gorgeous shoes for your wedding

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    A wedding is the most important day of a life.  Girls need to buy and plan a lot of things before their wedding. Buying an wedding dress is not an easy thing, but choose an gorgerous matching wedding shoes is even harder.

    Let us give you some ideas to choose an gorgeous wedding shoes. The first is to know your feet. Most Asian women would dare to buy a wedding shoes with heels like that of a bamboo tree just for them to look tall on this very special occasion. If you think you can handle it, why not? But remember, if you have a long wedding gown, don't you think if will be more difficult for you to walk around with those super high heels?

    If you plan an beach wedding, there is no reason for the bride to have on kitten heels or heel sandals. The bride can wear flats. Ballet pump or flip flops are the best selection for any beach destination wedding. The bride and other bridal party do not want to walk on the sand with sinking shoe heels. A thin soled pair of sandals will be perfect for a summer evening garden wedding party in the garden.

    Lastly, I would say that if your budget allows - treat yourself to a pedicure to ensure your feet feel silky soft and that your chosen nail polish has been beautifully applied....


  3. Hottest wedding veils for brides in a summer wedding

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    Lately Veils become an optional accessory for the wedding gown.Choosing the perfect veil isn't as easy as it used to be. Check out the latest wedding veil designs so that you can be prepared for the big shopping day.

    The first step is to pick the tulle for your veil. Tulle should be soft, not hard. If the veil is brighter than the gown, it can make the gown appear to be dingy. The wider the piece of netting, the fuller the veil will be when it is gathered.Tulle color should match your wedding dress. Dress color ivory,the veil should be ivory, dress color white, veil should be white as well.

    The next step is to sew the veil. If your veil will have a ribbon edge, stitch that on before the top of the veil is gathered. To get a very neat edge, stitch the ribbon about one inch in from the edge of the tulle. Once it is sewn on, use your sharp scissors to trim away the excess. Then it is time to gather the veil. Use very loose and long stitches across the top of the veil. Knot at one end, and then gather the tulle along the thread like a drawstring. Now you need to measure the width of the comb to which you will attach the veil. Tie the second knot so that the gathered top of the veil measures the same width as the comb.

    The last step is funny, add the decoration to your veil. The summer bride does not just decorate the room with flowers, and her look does not have to be a whitewash! A satin bias edge, matching the hues integrated in the bridal party, adds a distinct splash of color to the bride's customary all white ensemble. Beading can also have your guests seeing rainbows when crystals or colored stones adorn the veil of your choice.

    Gown accessories such as wedding bridcage veils can make you have a fashionable and elegant look. By taking some time out for shopping you can like the look of your veil and gown on photographs taken during the wedding.