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Evert bride want everything perfect in her wedding include an beautiful wedding color. The wedding color is very important, because the flowers which will be used at the wedding are greatly affected by wedding color.So it is critical to select colors that complement the bride's skin tone and hair colors. Everyone knows that generally red-heads should avoid wearing pink. By choosing colors that complement a bride, rather than detract, she will look more beautiful and radiant.

It is very helpful to use a color wheel when you're choosing a color scheme so surf the Internet and search for "color wheel for weddings" and you'll find a lot of related items.

White is always appropriate at any time of the year and combined with a favorite color is quite a lovely way to express yourself.

Red will be the color popular in 2014, Shades of red such as mauve and burgundy are colors will get brides attention, so if you want to leave a good impression to your guests, then it is a good color to go with. Add a red ribbon or red wedding shoes to your wedding dress  and make your dress pop. Wedding dresses that accent your curves will also add depth to this color and make your wedding day a most memorable one.

It is risk to pick the best color for your wedding day, A wedding is a big event that will only happen once, so it's best to take your time choosing the best color for your theme.

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