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Not everyone likes the more modern and high fashion trends that adorn the clothes rails in our high street stores - items that are new and innovative from the latest designers. Many people prefer to choose a dress in a more reflective way, with ladies preferring a classic, trend-neutral, 50’s style dressover an expensive fad-following garment.

There are some stores that specialize in 1950’s style dresses. They may stock original items as well as dresses and clothes that are new, yet have a more vintage style to them. They will recreate those timeless classics with retro fabrics using retro designs, which when finished look like a vintage style dress from the 1930s, 40s, 50s or 60s.

A mature style in the 50's is called the housewife. This style is a dress that has buttons on the torso and the skirt is filled out with crinoline. There is usually a belt separating the torso section from the skirt. The accessories to this style are a pearl necklace and an apron.

Another style is known as the waitress style. This style has a fit, but not tight, dress that is made with a bright pastel color. The accessories would be a simple apron and hat with the hair up o

There are many different types of 50’s style dresses to choose from, which is not surprising as it was a decade of stylish outfits, many of which have never really gone out of fashion.

50s style vintage dress

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