Custom design your own dress

Custom design your 50s wedding dress is easy! Let us make your dream dress come ture at a fraction of price!

Have you fallen in love with a delicate vintage gown but find it way out of your price range?  Or are you the type of Bride that simply won’t spend thousands of dollars on a gown you will wear at the most 8 hours?  Then we are here to help. No matter 50s wedding dresses ,60s, or any vintage style.

 We can create an vintage inspired wedding dress just for you, at a price within your budget. 

All of our gowns are made with the highest quality construction, including boning, linings, stays, shaping cups and the proper amount of crinoline for skirt volume.  We are famous for creating affordable vintage inspired gowns.  Your dress is completely customizable according to your measurements.  We can also customize our stock dresses with different necklines, adding sleeves or making trains longer or shorter.

Here’s the Process: 

1.  We will need the following information from you. Please read all the way to the bottom for the email address to send your inquiry to. Please copy and paste a-d and the answers in your email.

    a.  Links to the dress--if you have photos that's okay, but links are the best. Please do not send more than 3 photos initially

    b.  Your dress size

    c.  Your wedding date

    d.  Your phone number in case we need to speak with you directly.

 We will respond to your inquiry right away and get back to you with either a quote or more questions that we might have.

 If the quote is accepted, then we will invoice you for the dress and begin the production process. 

Need it in a hurry?  If you need our expedition services, depending on the details of the dress, sometimes we can have the photos ready for you in 4 weeks at a cost of an additional $30.  Sometimes we can get the photos to you sooner, but it depends on the dress.  Available expedition times and amounts vary by each individual dress

 3.  In processing, a series of photos will be sent to you for our approval.  This takes the fear out of purchasing a custom wedding dress online.  Once the photos are approved, your dress is shipped out to you within 10 days.

 Make your dress as special as your day.  It is a fun process and one that you will never forget.  Create your own favorite gown at a fraction of the cost.  If you are ready to get a quote and start the design process for your dress, please contact us at [email protected] today.